About us

Fortis Visio provides consultancy in the field of environment, spatial planning and urban design. Our services include conducting procedures for issuing of environmental permits, environmental impact analyses and assessments, due diligence, spatial plans elaboration, research and design of public spaces and spatial surveys.

Fortis Visio’s main strive is the provision of comprehensive client-oriented service. Our aim is to create good practices, find new ways and solutions.

Our mission
To work for achieving of:

  • Environmentally friendly development
  • Effective resource management
  • Sustainable cities and active local communities

Our vision
We improve the quality of the environment around us.

Our team

Stanislav Nikolov
Environmental engineer

+359 877 774 215

Mariela Karapavlova
Environmental engineer

+359 877 774 216

Daniela Hadjiiska
Environmental engineer

+359 877 774 230

Rashid Rashid
Environmental engineer

+359 899 205 776

Hristomir Nikolov
Environmental engineer

+359 885 430 633

Dimitar Ragyov
Forestry engineer

+359 877 764 110

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